What Is Your Heart's Desire?

S. Verron - August 23, 2022

Just as we desire the things of the world, we should desire a relationship with God. We should want to be with him and know him better.

There are two main questions I want to ask.

The main one is:
What is your heart's desire?

Does your life show what God has done for you and what you are doing for Him?
Do others see Christ in your life by what you do?
Are you living for Christ?
Do your actions show your relationship with Christ, and your desire to serve Him?
Are you doing what God wants?
Do you have a desire to do His will?

When you wake up, do you give your all to Christ, do you die daily for the will of God?
Are you completely surrendered to His will?

Are you looking for God in everything you do?
Are you looking for God in every move you make, and every word you say?
Do you seek God’s will in what you do?

If you are not, you should. He can, and will, help you, if you ask.
He has a desire to be with us, and to help us. All we have to do is ask.

“My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?” -Psalms 42:2

Not just any god, but the living God.

Just as we need water to live, we need God to live spiritually.
Without water we will die, and we also can’t live spiritually without God.
We need to fellowship with God to be closer to Him, and to have joy in our lives.
Everyone should want to have joy in there life, but that does not happen without Christ.
Your heart should desire to have joy, and to have joy we need God, so, our hearts desire should be God.

We need to read His word and pray to grow closer to Him.
It tells us that God’s word is our daily bread, when you do not spend time with Him, you are starving spiritually.

Every day that we read His word and pray, we get closer, and every day we don’t, we grow farther and farther away, until we are spiritually lost.

We don’t know when this life is going to over. But we do know if we are saved, that one day, we will see God.
We need to serve Christ while we are here, because we do not know when our time is up.

What will He say when He sees you?
When life is over and you see Christ, what will He say to you?
Will He say well done my good and faithful servant, or will He say, where were you?

You don’t have to thirst any more, He offers His life and His word.
If you accept His offer, read His word, and grow in Him, not only will your thirst be quenched, but if you keep serving Him, you can hear the words well done my good and faithful servant.
Will you take it? will you grow closer to Him?
The choice is yours.

Are you ready to meet your God?
Do you know where you are going after this life? Do you know what God will say?

Are you ready to meet your God?
Do you know where you are going after this life? Do you know what God will say?

The second question is found in verse three, we are going to jump down to the very end of the verse, which says:

“Where is thy God?”

Where is He placed in your life?
Not where should He be, but, where is He.
Is He the first thing that you think about when you get up, what about throughout your day, and before you go to bed?
Because, if that is not the case you need to change it.
And even if you are thinking about Him, are you letting Him show through in your life?
Do you set aside time for devotions and prayer, or is it just when you have time?
God should not be an after thought. He made you, the very least you can do is give Him time in your life.

Make God the most important thing in your day, but more than that, make him the most important thing in your life. Do not take Him for granted, because, He wouldn’t take you for granted.

So, I ask you one more time.

Where is thy God?

Sirenity Verron October 6, 2023
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