Relative Truth is an Absolute Lie

C. Smith - October 11, 2022

There are people who say that truth is relative. If you have never heard this before, you probably will soon.

As I see it, this argument is made to excuse a person’s actions. Take, for example this saying, "The end justifies the means", this saying means that the outcome will justify the actions.
You have probably thought about this before, though you may not have realized it. Some people think that it does not matter what they do to get something, so long as the outcome is acceptable.

A real life situation that demonstrates a similar principle is this:
Imagine that one of your friends is throwing a party and you do not wish to attend. What should you tell your friend, should you tell her that you do not want to go and risk hurting her feelings, or do you lie and say that you have something else that you need to do.
If the ends justify the means, then that means that it is okay for you to lie to her, because you do not want to hurt her feelings. This is wrong, the Bible says that thou shalt not bear a false witness against thy neighbor, or more simply, thou shalt not lie.

The Bible doesn’t say: Thou shalt not bear a false witness against thy neighbor, unless a true witness wouldest bring thy neighbor to harm.
We are to do the right thing, no matter what. Sometimes doing the right thing will upset someone, but that should not stop us from doing what is right.

This is also used to excuse all sorts of actions that are clearly sinful, such as:

  • Stealing
  • Lying
  • Pride
  • Marriage contrary to the Bible
  • And many many other things

Relative truth is the denial of a perfect Creator. God made the universe, He made nature, and He also made laws that govern Creation. "...male and female created He Him. relative truth is denying this statement.

The idea that truth is relative is clearly morally wrong, not only that, it is also logically wrong.
Just think about it, "truth is relative" is a self contradicting statement.

If someone states that truth is relative, they are stating that all truths are relative no matter what. If the statement is that all truth is relative no matter what, would not that mean that the statement is absolute?

If truth were relative, and someone made that statement, they would be stating an absolute truth, and if they are stating an absolute truth, that means that there is at least one absolute truth, making their statement completely incorrect.

Relative Truth is an Absolute Lie
Clayton Smith October 6, 2023
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