Is God First?

He is supposed to be, but is He? - June 9, 2024

This is one question I was asking myself recently, is God first?
Obviously He should be, but that isn't the question that I am really asking.
My question is more, do I put God first?

Do I put God at the very front of everything that I do? Is He my ultimate motivation for doing anything and everything that I do? Is He the driving factor of my actions?

I am writing this firstly for me, I want to make sure that, no matter what I am doing, God is the first, foremost, absolute reason for my doing whatever it is.
I want to focus more on God, not just at the beginning as the reason, and not just at the end as the cause. I want to look at God right in the very middle of it, seeing Him as the power, the motivation, and the strength to continue.

I also hope that you think about what I am saying as well, I do want to help others, even if that is not my main goal for this subject. I don't care who you are, I may not know who you are, I may never meet you on this earth, I may have avoided you on the street, not for any reason other than the fact that I am terrible when it comes to talking to people that I do not know, as many other people are. Even though I may not know you, or even know about you, I do know one thing, and that is, that I love you. Not because I am some weirdo, not because you are nice to me, not because we are related in any way. I love you because God loves you, and I love God, I want to love you because He does, and if I can, and if I have the opportunity I will try to show you that love. The person on this world that I dislike the most, I still love that person, not because it is easy, but because God does.

That was kind of a tangent, but I wanted to make sure that you understand my thinking at least a little bit.

I ask you, do you put God first? Is He your motivation?

I don't ask because I need to know the answer, though if you want to send me a message and tell me your answer, you may. I ask you, because I want you to think about the question for yourself, and I want you to think about your answer to the question as well.

God is number one, He is the most loving, the most powerful, the most wonderful, and many of us already know that, and have experienced this. The question isn't if He is the greatest thing in existence, the Creator of this world, everything in it, and everything else as well, the question is, do we treat Him that way. Do we act like God is the King of kings. If we believe something, we will act like we believe it. If we believe in gravity we are not going to jump off a building expecting to float. God is first, but do we act that way?

I ask you again, is God first?

Is God First?
Clayton Smith July 10, 2024
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